About us

Our mission is to make it easier for training providers to offer practical manual handling training that is of excellent quality. We believe that learning good physical technique is an important part of reducing manual handling-related workplace accidents and worker injury. E-learning tools are becoming an increasingly vital part of a training provider's offerings. We aim to achieve our mission by enabling training providers to bring manual handling e-learning into the physical world.

Fitreo was founded in 2018 by Vanya Eccles and Patrick King.

Vanya has experience working in manual handling jobs and is a QQI qualified manual handling instructor. His training in software development allows him to lead the building of our product, bringing new technologies to the e-learning world.

Patrick has experience building businesses and was introduced to the safety training world during his time working at Olive Safety, a major training provider in Ireland. He builds relationships with safety training providers, focusing us on helping them grow their business.